Barre 365

What is Barre 365? 

It is all in the name.  Barre 365 is a choreographed barre workout.  Each body-sculpting, fat-burning, endurance-building class incorporates barre exercises and cardio segments to gain muscle control, increase flexibility and develop long lean muscles.  Better still the exercises are choreographed precisely to be played with music we love and listen to on the radio.

Is Barre 365 right for you? 

Barre 365 is a great workout for a variety of fitness levels from a beginner to a trained athlete.


FREE Demo Classes

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Registration is required for demo class.  Space is very limited so sign up soon.  Limit one free demo class per person please.


Call 706-278-9355 to schedule. Space is Limited. 

Schedule below: October 31 - December 31, 2016 


Tuesdays- 8:10a & 12:00p

Wednesdays- 10:00a

Thursdays- 8:10a &12:00p

Fridays- 12:00p

Saturdays- ?? a