Bio- Nate Lutz

    Athletic Trainer


    Bachelors of Arts in Athletic Training from tAlbion College, Albion, MI
    Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology from Mississippi State University, Starkville, MS 

    Favorite Quote:

    "Those who stay will be champions" - Bo Schembechler 

    Who am I? – Personal Side:

    Originally from Grand Rapids, MI I moved to the south for graduate school in 2013.  I see myself as a very laid back person who likes to have fun.  I am also a huge Michigan and Detroit sports fan and enjoy sports of all skill levels.  Other interests include traveling and listening to all types of music.  Golf and table tennis are two of my favorite hobbies.

    Why I became an Athletic Trainer:

    Athletic training sparked my interest when I experienced injuries of my own in high school and college.  I love being able to combine the worlds of health care and sports especially in young, developing student athletes.

    How I can help the student athlete:

    I work with student athletes to help them perform at the highest level to achieve the ultimate goals of both individual and team success.  There is nothing more rewarding in this profession than seeing hard work pay off through physical and emotional growth of my athletes.