PREP Program

What is the PREP Program?

PREP (Phase III) is a supervised exercise program designed for individuals who may have special medical needs. This program includes patients who have already completed the cardiac rehab program (graduates) and patients with hypertension, diabetes, obesity, pulmonary disease or other chronic health conditions that make exercising difficult. Heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation monitoring are provided. ECG monitoring is done only on an emergency basis. Dietary consults and educational materials are available upon request.

Contact BWC for a schedule of PREP classes.

Call 706.272.6574 for more information.

Meet Our Team

Hamilton’s Cardiac Team consists of physicians, a registered nurse, exercise physiologists, and a registered dietician who work together to provide specialized services including exercise prescriptions, dietary consults, and education on various health topics for the patient and their family. How do I enroll? A physician’s referral is required for both Cardiac Rehab and the PREP program. Hamilton’s staff will work with you and your physician to determine the appropriate program for you. After receiving the physician’s referral the staff will contact you to set an appointment for an initial assessment. Upon completion, the program is ready to begin. Please contact our office at (706) 272.6574 for more information.