Hot Yoga

Hot yoga refers to yoga exercises performed under hot and humid conditions. Often associated with the style devised by Bikram Choudhury, hot yoga is now used to describe any number of yoga styles that use heat to increase an individual's flexibility in the poses. In colder climates, hot yoga often seeks to replicate the heat and humidity of India where yoga originated.

This is a class designed to step up your yoga experience.  In this traditional hot yoga poses are combined with an energizing flow to give you a challenging and invigorating workout.  focusing on accurate alignment, core strength, concentration, mindfulness, and breath control this class will help you move beyond the limitations of the body and mind.  The room is heated to 85-90 degrees. 

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Call 706-278-9355 to schedule. Space is Limited. Instructors:  Pat Chenard, Cindy Little, and Karyn Rizer.

Hot Yoga instructors 


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