Client Testimonial - Personal Training

    In late December 2010, I came to BWC for an assessment with Jeremy Walraven prior to beginning personal training sessions with him in preparation for my upcoming May 2011 wedding.  To sit and talk with a stranger about my weight was not a pleasant thought at first but after I met Jeremy and we talked about what I wanted to do, I never felt apprehensive or uncomfortable again.  From day one, he assured me that we would meet my goal in plenty of time and that all I had to do was be consistent.  I left my assessment feeling very optimistic and motivated about getting started on creating a better me.

    The months that followed were quite dissimilar than I had envisioned.  Working with a trainer many years ago, I found it to be difficult and uninteresting.  Jeremy created an experience quite the contrary every single time that I met with him  (over 57 times).  I am always welcomed at the treadmill by an exceptionally enthusiastic and jovial person.  It is his great personality, good attitude, and true love of his job that makes him the amazing trainer that he is.  There are countless things that he does to keep me motivated.  He creates multiple different and enjoyable workouts for me to help keep boredom at bay.  He constantly brings me articles to read so that I understand what we are doing and provides progress reports to show me how I stack up against others my age to sustain my motivation.  He also reviews my food journal for me and makes suggestions to keep my weight loss steady (I still have yet to het a plateau).

    To say I have met my individual objective is an understatement.  I came to BWC weighing 157lbs.  In talking with Jeremy the first time, I expressed to him that I would be elated to lower my weight to 140lbs as I honestly considered this the extent of my limitations.  At our first workout, Jeremy brought with him two different scenarios of what my weight loss could be.  The first one had the weight that I believed I could easily lose down to, 140lbs and the other had 131lbs written on it.  I looked a bit puzzled at the 131lb scenario because I didn’t think that would EVER be a consideration and Jeremy says to me that he believes that this weight is what is what we will get me down to.  I left that day thinking to myself “He just doesn’t know me, yet.  I’m never going to weigh that.”  It is now four and a half months later and I have not only lost the weight I wanted to lose but because of him, I exceeded my expectations and goals.  Today, I weigh 128lbs and I have transitions a very tight size 10 (I was too proud to go to a 12) to a size four or six.  The last time I can recall being my present size was in the mid 90’s while attending college. 

    I certainly would and do recommend Jeremy to anyone.  He goes out of his way and over and above to help me to keep me motivated and to make coming to BWC a joy.  He continues to be my biggest supporter and is still the first person I want to tell when I reach a goal or when something good happens as a result of his work with me.

    I have encountered three people in my 36 years who have made a dramatic and lasting change upon my life and Jeremy Walraven is one of those people.   It is truly an honor to have him as my trainer.  LS