Keys To Fat Loss Success

Monday, February 14, 2011

Society is going the wrong direction in the battle for fat loss. The epidemic of adult obesity and overweight stats has risen by 17 percent in the last 30 years. Another 30 years at the same rate and America will almost have doubled its fat content. This figure translates to about 65 percent of U.S. adults. Doing something to affect these health-damaging realities is challenging but not unobtainable. Forcing the body to become more active, controlling food intake and having some type of accountability or coaching are the main things required to make people feel better and have a better quality of life

In fat loss, the number one key is regulation of calorie consumption. Dietary habits are often the most difficult step and account for a high percentage of the results and satisfaction that people see when beginning a quest for body transformation. There are several macronutrients such as protein and carbohydrates that play a role in more specific goals, but as long as protein is kept consistent the total calories are the final judgment.

Secondly, less important than diet but still very crucial, is the principle of requiring the body to move more. Whether it is actual exercise, recreational activity, or additional non-exercise activity such as errands, the body must move at a higher rate to burn more calories. This can be critically important, because research has shown that almost the entire loss of metabolism that occurs with dieting and weight loss occurs in non-exercise activity thermogenesis or NEAT for short.   NEAT refers to the calories you burn living your life doing things like walking up stairs, standing and talking, going to and from your car, household chores, etc.  The amazing thing is that people will spontaneously sit more, rather than stand, fidget less, use the drive-thru more than walking, etc when on a diet—and this can account for as many as 300 or more calories saved a day.  It is a primary reason why people’s weight loss will plateau over time.  The body becomes more efficient with energy conservation and you will need to move more or eat less to keep taking the weight off. 

The last and probably most influential concept to be aware of for fat loss is the idea that some type of accountability or coaching needs to be in place to track progress. The Bradley Wellness Center has these types of tools designed and laid out into programs to help you succeed. A trainer at Bradley can be thought of as a life coach while guiding you down the correct path and encouraging you to follow the steps to create new habits.

To conclude, there is no magic pill or special supplement that can help you reach new levels of health. It takes commitment and dedication to a few important keys, which include extra activity, accountability plus coaching, and getting a grip on food consumption to affect your health longevity. The Bradley Wellness Center can help! Each of the Trainers at Bradley has all the tools necessary to make you feel and look better in 2011, so call to set an appointment (706-278-WELL) for a FREE assessment to get started today!

Written by: Lane Clelland, Fitness Consultant, Bradley Wellness Center