Healthy challenge

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bradley Wellness Center begins Healthier You Challenge 

BHYC group: In the front, from left, are Sara Davis, Cindy McClure and Cynthia Thornton. In the middle are Jose Rivera, Donna Newsome and Angela Hartshorn. In the back are Mark Irwin, Carol Pierce, Barry Batchelor and Jessica Garcia.




Name: Angela Hartshorn
Family: Husband, 2 sons, 2 daughters
Occupation: Housewife/mom
Hardest thing about being overweight: Looking in the mirror
Quote: “I’m getting older and I want to be healthier. I want to live to meet my grandkids and be able to spend time with them.”
Name: Cynthia Thornton
Family: Husband, 2 daughters, 2 stepchildren, 4 grandchildren
Occupation: Administrative tech for Whitfield County Board of Commissioners
Hardest thing about being overweight: “Being tired all the time.”
Name: Cindy McClure
Family: Mother, sister
Occupation: Retired from the state of Georgia
Hardest thing about being overweight: “Feeling tired and disgusted when I can’t do physical things well, feeling like a failure because I haven’t lost weight, not looking as well as I can, being judged by others based solely on appearance and obesity.”
Name: Carol Pierce
Family: Husband, 2 sons and daughters-in-law, 1 grandson (and 1 granddaughter on the way), parents, 2 sisters, and tons of others
Occupation: Workers’ Comp analyst for Mohawk Industries
Hardest thing about being overweight: “Finding clothes that I like and that I feel looks good, having 2 thin sisters, and feeling like I’m judged by my weight.”
Name: Sara Davis
Family: Husband, 1 daughter
Occupation: Teacher at Family Resource Agency
Hardest thing about being overweight: “Getting dressed and feeling good about how I look.”
Name: Mark Irwin
Family: Mother, brother
Occupation: Insurance agent with Irwin Agency
Hardest thing about being overweight: “Feeling of desperation because of missing out on life (not able to fully participate).”
Name: Jessica Garcia
Family: Sister, mom, mamaw, aunts, uncles, cousins, special friends
Occupation: Office manager for Rock Bridge Community Church
Hardest thing about being overweight: “My knees are in a lot of pain from carrying extra weight, and no one sees past the weight on the outside.”
Name: Barry Batchelor
Family: Wife, 3 sons, 2 daughters
Occupation: Dalton Police officer
Hardest thing about being overweight: “Seeing on the outside the person that I’m not, also not being able to sit in chairs or booths when going out.”
Name: Jose Rivera
Family: Wife, 4 children
Occupation: Employed with the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office
Hardest thing about being overweight: “Feeling like an embarrassment to my children.”
Name: Donna Newsome
Family: Husband, 3 children
Occupation: IS manager for Shaw Industries
Hardest thing about being overweight: “I have no energy and very little self-esteem. It's tough to get up, get going and to be involved because I don't feel good about myself.”


Dalton, Ga. – Ten local residents are getting a chance to lose weight and have a healthier life.

Bradley Wellness Center just started the 15-week BWC Healthier You Challenge. Participants are receiving nutrition classes, personal training, group fitness courses and temporary membership at Bradley Wellness Center.

Jose Rivera, one of the challengers, said he was very excited when he found out he was chosen to participate. “I thought to myself, OK, now you have no excuses to lose this weight,” he said.

The progress of participants will be tracked each week, based on percentage of weight loss. The winner will be announced during a special Bradley Wellness Center 25th anniversary celebration in October, with the grand-prize winner receiving a trip to Navarre Beach, Fla., a one-year membership to BWC and more.

Sara Davis, Challenge participant, said she wants to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle in the program. “For me, this is not a 15-week program,” she said. “This is a lifestyle transformation! I am utilizing all of the tools that Bradley Wellness Center has graciously given us access to and soaking it all in! I would like to be at my ideal weight at the end of the challenge and, of course, win! For me, this is the start of a healthy lifestyle and that is exciting to me!”

Jessica Garcia, another Challenge participant, added, “I would love to go on a mission trip and do God’s work. Right now, I would not be able to fit into an airplane seat.”

On Tuesday nights, challengers participate in nutrition classes, taught by registered dieticians Leslie Roberts and Erica Jones.

“Adhering to a nutritious meal plan is vital to reaching and maintaining a healthy weight,” said Roberts. “It provides the opportunity to implement strategies that will improve wellbeing and lead to optimal weight management and lifelong health.”

On Wednesday nights, group fitness is on the agenda. All participants exercise together, instructed by Holly Kimsey, Cindy Little, Lyn Douglas, Glo Shoates, Pam Keeter and Jan Hensley.

At a scheduled time during the week, challengers work one-on-one with Tom Morrison, Jeremy Walraven, Lane Clelland or Monet Taylor – all BWC personal trainers.

“Health and overall quality of life tend to decrease with a drop in physical activity,” said Jeremy Walraven, certified personal trainer. “Being physically fit makes the everyday activities of life more manageable and easier to perform.”

Participants are encouraged to perform physical activity at least once a week on their own as well.

“This challenge gives participants everything they need to make healthy adjustments to their current lifestyle,” said Jennifer Johnson, BWC marketing manager. “We want the participants to be confident on how to maintain these changes long after the Challenge ends.”

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