What is your next step after having heart issues?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

 Have you or a loved one experienced heart complications recently and are not sure what your next step is to regain a better quality of life?  Hamilton Medical Center’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at the Bradley Wellness Center is one of the best steps you can take to improve your health and longevity.

It is a 12-week, personalized, medically supervised program that meets three times a week.  Designed to help anyone with heart disease recover faster, it increases quality of life, and can help prevent another heart problem from occurring.  It is truly one of the most effective treatments for heart ailments you could ever get.  

One recent study in the American Heart Association journal Circulation showed that only about 20% of heart patients even received exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation after hospitalization.  Yet, of the more than 30,000 Medicare patients who did participate in the program, it was discovered that the longer they participated, the more their health improved.  In fact, those who took full advantage of cardiac rehabilitation (attending all 36 sessions) were 47% less likely to die than those who participated in only one session, and 23% less likely to die than those who attended only 12 sessions!  These good results are not unique to just this study.  A full literature review on cardiac rehabilitation from the Cleveland Clinic came to the same conclusion:

“…the cardiac rehabilitation program is highly effective in improving quality of life...The longer a cardiac rehabilitation program is attended the more beneficial it is for the patient.”

Ready to get in on these good results? The only thing needed is a doctor's referral as the cost is covered by Medicare as well as most insurance companies. 

As a new enrollee in the program you will receive direct supervision and the guidance of two exercise physiologists, a dietitian, and a registered nurse as well as physicians.  It's better than personal training as you have a whole team of experts to consult with! Each team member is focused on evaluating and understanding your needs, so as to give you a proper, individualized program. At every class your team will be monitoring your heart rhythm, heart rate, and blood pressure for progress and safety. And, since heart health has a STRONG dietary component, the registered dietitian is available for nutritional counseling. Need extra help making other lifestyle shifts? We're here for you to provide educational help and coaching. We are so convinced of the benefits of your participation, we don't want there to be any reason for you to miss out. Because of this, if you are nervous about coming alone, BRING A FRIEND! For the entire duration of the program, you are allowed to bring one guest to work out with you for free. Share the benefits with friend or loved one for the cost of ONE!

If you have suffered from heart problems of any kind, ask your doctor about cardiac rehabilitation. He will be glad to refer you to one of the most effective treatment plans for your condition. Here at the Bradley Wellness Center, a wonderfully caring team of experts will take you through the program. As current participant, Jack Serrit says, "Not only is the cardiac rehab program very good for my health, but it is also an 'emotional stimulant.' The skills and competency of the staff is above all expectations. Information and assistance is always readily available."

For any questions or concerns you may have on Cardiac Rehabilitation, please feel free to contact our staff at 706-272-6574.  We would love to hear from you and help you in any way we can!

Submitted by: Tina Black, Cardiac Rehabilitation Coordinator, Bradley Wellness Center