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Welcome To MyHealth!

Tired of keeping your health records in a cluttered shoebox? Want to keep track of future appointments, and send yourself a reminder beforehand? Interested in tracking your blood pressure, cholesterol or other key health measures?

MyHealth is a full online personal health record, offering:

  • Health records that you manage, and which you can print, so you can share with your health care provider
  • A place to list future appointments, and have email and/or text message reminders sent to you
  • Screening tools to learn more about your health and that of your family and children
  • Tracking tools that give you a clear picture of how your habits are affecting your health over time

More features will be added in the future, and itís all free. To take advantage of MyHealth, you must register. This will only take a few moments and all of your information is secure and will only be used to provide you access to MyHealthís tools.